Exploring is a must!

I love exploring.

I say “exploring” but 9 times outta 10 I’m only referring to a walk in the local park. It’s perhaps not so much exploring for us but it most definitely is for the kids.

There’s nothing I find more satisfying than waking up, making the beds, having breakfast getting the boys ready and whether it be glorious sunshine, snow or rain we’ll ALWAYS head out.

Their little imaginations are running wild right now. They’re quietly taking everything in. They’re working out colours, shapes and they’re realising that you have to take extra care whilst crossing the roads.

They’re starting to understand that if they walk through muddy puddles there’s gonna be consequences. They’re gonna get wet feet, they’re gonna have wet socks. It’s their lesson to themselves. They’re still happy! Beyond happy! I believe that sometimes it’s good to let them teach themselves.

It’s amazing. Watching them I mean.

Well watching Rio, (Juniors still only 5 months old so he’s carried in the sling) seeing him head off across the field by himself then excitedly running back to show me the amaaaazing stick he found or mud filled stone. Wow my heart is aching just thinking about it.

I follow him.

I wonder “where will he take me today?”

Rio puts all of his trust in me. He knows that which ever direction he goes, mama is always gonna be right behind him. Always.

So what if they get a little wet, so what if their shoes are that muddy you have to take them off before entering the house, so what if they want to stop and point at every single car that passes. They’re just inquisitive, it’s our job to teach them.

I believe that it’s important to teach them young.

They need to learn that if they want to keep their ears warm they’ve gotta wear that hat, they need to learn that it’s not ok to touch a dog until their owner says they’re fine, they need to learn that you have to take turns on the slide.

“In a world where you can be anything, be kind”

I enjoy giving them freedom, letting them learn and explore is a MUST in my eyes.

Their independence is begging to shine right through so allowing them to investigate is a massive part of helping them grow.

Going for walks is OUR time. It’s the time where they can stop stare and point for as long as they like. I’ll never rush, I’ll never hurry them along, I’ll only ever go at their pace and their pace only. This is their adventure not mine.

Sometimes they’ll realise that they bit of a bit more than they could chew and will be too tired to walk back home.

That’s fine, mummy’s hear. They’ll remember for next time.

As much as I let them be independent I don’t want them to EVER feel like they can’t rely on me because that’s far from the case. If their little legs begin to get tired then mummy will always be waiting with her arms wide open. They know that.

One day they won’t need me anymore. They won’t need me to hold their hands whilst they cross the roads. They won’t ask to be picked up because they’re too tired. They’ll be heading out on their own with their friends.

That thought terrifies the hell out of me.

I’m trying to go on as many adventures as possible before it’s too late. Before my babies aren’t babies anymore. Before they’re not interested in poxy leaves and muddy puddles.

We’re enjoying every second of teaching you, showing you the world and being your parents.

We love you more than you’ll ever know darlings. Always remember that.

Exploring is a must!

Lots of love X


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