Dreading the second birthday

How horrid does that title sound? What the effing ell is wrong with me?

I know when birthdays come around you’re supposed to be all yayyyy let’s throw a party with gigantic balloons and extravagant cake but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t absolutely 100 million percent dreading the upcoming one.

Don’t get me wrong I am chuffed to bits for the little guy. All those gifts, a cake smash and a trip to the under 5s theme park is no doubt gonna make his whole entire life, which of course makes me super happy. Oh lord just thinking about it is making my eyes leak.

Word of advice; DO NOT have children. You’ll transform into an arse wiping whimp who cries at everything. When I say everything I mean EVERYTHING! I once shed a miniature tear when Rio did his first solid brown log.

Don’t judge.

No the reason why I’m getting rather upset thinking about it is because I don’t want him to grow up. I don’t want to accept it but I’ve gotta. I’ve gotta let him grow. I’ve gotta let him become independent after all he is his own person.

Well I do want him to grow in a sense of being able to make his own decisions and that side of things but the not the “mama” *throws arms into the air because he wants a hug* side of things.

It’s surreal. I swear it was only last week his head was exiting my vag-j–j so how on Earth he is nearly a whole 2 years old?! It’s truly heartbreaking. Nobody ever tells you about the sheer roar pain you’ll face in parenthood by just simply watching your little one grow.

We’ve come so far in the past year!

Rio took his first steps *sobs like a twat*, he mastered the bedtime routine at 7pm (including the transfer from my bed to his room,) he overcome his fear of grass (strange one I know) and he welcomed his baby brother into the family with his arms wide open.

I am beyond proud of my sweetheart, he is the most beautiful, kind hearted little boy I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting and it’s even more heart warming to know that he’s OUR son. One day when he’s big enough to understand I’m gonna explain to him how mummy and daddy love him THAT much it physically hurts. The day he’ll only ever truly realise is the day he has a family of his very own.

For such a little boy he has dealt with so much already! Every change that has been happening and he’s taken every last one in his stride. From rubbing and kissing mummy’s tummy when Junior was in there to sharing his toy cars (believe me that is a HUGE ask) with him.

Rio is one of two of my best friends (Junior being the second of course) he literally has me belly laughing right up until 7pm bedtime.

How can a one year old have such a bright and bubbly personality? He’s hilarious! If he’s not pretending to fall on the floor and then insisting on a kiss better, he’s walking through the streets shouting “geeeeeeen” at everything even slightly green he sees.

I KNOW you’re gonna have the most fabulous birthday when it comes darling. You’re gonna have so much fun and I can’t wait for that but please just please, slow down. Even if it’s just a little teeny weeny tiny bit, mummy can’t keep up.



How did you deal with the heartbreak of your child’s birthday? Leave a comment below!


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