Social media is a dangerous place

The title says it all.

I’m not only talking about the obvious fact that it is SO easy for a good nosey Parker to get hold of your personal info if you’re not extremely secure but even something as minor as social media “influences” can sometimes cause more harm than good.

Don’t get me wrong most of them are completely amazing, down to Earth and lovely lovely people. They are totally aware that they have hundreds/thousand maybe even millions that aspire to be them therefore they feel like they have to look perfect and be perfect, whatever “perfect” is.

Ya know that celeb you follow on Insta? Yep she always looks so beautiful and healthy, she always seems to have her shit together, she always has a flat tum, big bum and she never seems to want to strangle the shit out of her annoying as fuck husband for some bizarre reason.

You know why?

Because she’s the most perfect human on the planet only showing you what she wants you to see.

That EXACT photo you’re staring at is the 156th shot after rearranging the background furniture, sucking it in , sticking it out, getting the perfect lighting, changing the colour of her overboard lipstick twelve times, moving the dirty clothes out of the shot, giving the mirror a quick clean and making her titties look as big as possible.

The minute that photo has been snapped then she’s back in the real world. She’ll drop that smile, she’ll have a melt down cos she forgot she had 3 loads of washing to do, she’ll stick forks up behind the husbands back because he’s being an asshole and she’ll finally breath out after sucking in so hard she nearly shit her knickers.


There is not one human on this earth that doesn’t have bad days, that doesn’t get cranky after a shite nights sleep, that doesn’t have rolls when they sit down (EVERYONE has rolls)and that doesn’t completely wing every single day that passes. We are only human.

So many of us feel pressured to look and feel a certain way and to have that perfect body image but the truth is we’re all the same.

A real woman is whoever the hell she wants to be

You’re all beautiful, you don’t need to focus your life on trying to be someone else.

Celebrities you see on the internet usually looking smiley may actually be extremely unhappy, unhealthy and simply just putting a front on. It’s their job. The cracks will begin to show eventually but for the time being just concentrate on being you and concentrate on doing what makes you happy.

Things aren’t always as fabulous are they’re made out to be.

So many have sadly taken their lives due to the influence of social media and not feeling as though they’re “enough”, it’s trult devastating.

We need to do more.

As a community we need to throw the norm of social media outta the window. EVERYBODY has flaws and insecurities BUT everyone is beautiful.

YOU are beautiful.

If you’re one of my Instagram followers you’ll know that I like to show my imperfections. I will ALWAYS state when we’ve had a bad day and never sugar coat it. I’ll never clean the house just to snap a quick photo, the kids will probably have food/ sick or shit (ok slight exaggeration) on their clothes and I’ll look like I’ve been at it with a thorn bush 9 times outta 10 but that’s life! You’d be a weirdo if you had your shit together day in and day out.

Be real to yourself and everyone else. You don’t need to “pretend” to be anything.

Please if anyone EVER needs a friend to vent to I am always here, even if it’s just a chat you can find me email address below! Please please please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Im full of shite jokes, bad humour and naff as arse spelling but I’ll make you smile I promise.

Lots of love,

Joanne X



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