Junior’s weaning jouney- week 2!

Ya know I still can’t get my head around the fact that Junior’s even old enough to be scoffing food, like I could almost put my life on it that it was only yesterday his head was exiting my vag. Sad times. Weaning will be a doddle i’m sure


I’ve had a lot of questions regarding how I first introduced food, what sort of meals I’ve been giving him and overall just weaning itself. So, what better way than to write a whole blog post about it?

It’s always daunting giving your teeny tiny delicate human some of YOUR food for the first time like they’re some sort of whole other species. We often worry about the whole choking, gipping and “what would I do if” situations but before we know it they’ll be yamming on pork scrachins and having 3 meals a day with 565 snacks in between! it’s important to just stay relaxed, focused and follow their lead.

purée or blw?

I’ve gone for the same technique with Junior as I did with Rio which is both of the above, simply because it just works SO well for us!

BLW (baby led weaning) is basically a technique which allows babies to feed themselves, for example; handing them a piece of banana, cooked carrot sticks, small pieces of fruit, strips of toast, anything that’s easy enough for them to grab and bring to their mouth. Obviously don’t whack a piece of bacon in front of their face because they will surprisingly still have a good go at trying to eat it and that wouldn’t be a very good idea considering the amount of salt and tough choking texture. (MASSIVE NONO)

Whilst Juniors slowly coming to terms with how to feed himself, he’s still very young and he still struggles to grasp the fact that he needs to suck chew and hold the food. We’re getting there as the days go on, as he begins gaining confidence with the whole feeding rigmarole I’ll then gradually start taking away the spoon feeding and focus purely on BLW.

So at this stage the MAIN part of the babies diet is still milk weather it be breast or bottle. In our case Junior is still drinking breast milk in between each meal/snack and through the night!

We have a routine in place where on a morning Junior will wake up and have some milk, he’s always super clingy and cuddly first thing on a morning so it just makes sense to us. After his morning nap I’ll make some porridge (banana is his favourite) he’ll then begin shouting the roof off because I’m not feeding him at a fast enough pace, quite intimidating really.

Around an hour after breakfast Junior will then have another what seems like 6 gallons of milk, and maybe a rusk or steamed and cooled carrot sticks. As dinner time comes around I’ll whip up a blended fruit or veg mix before releasing another load of milk. For tea Junior is LOVING home made chicken soup with vegetables at the minute, he can’t get enough of the stuff!

Despite him absolutely loving food, there can be times where he’ll point blank refuse to eat a meal. Maybe because he doesn’t like the taste? Yes! But I’ll keep trying to introduce that certain food so it gives him a chance to change his mind. I just like to focus on fruit and veg for the first month or so of weaning!

So yeah! Our 2 weeks of weaning has been a success I’d say. I’m loving every second of the whole process but it’s breaking my heart seeing him grow so quickly! It really does go within a blink.

Happy weaning folks!

Lots of love,

Joanne X


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