The Boys Bedroom Tour

I won’t lie I totally nearly named this post “The boys nursery tour” but I feel like now Rio’s nearly 2 he wouldn’t appreciate the fact that I’m insinuating he’s still a baby very much.

I SO wish I had thought to take some ‘before’ photos so we could see how far we’ve come but I’m not gonna kick myself too much about that cos why would you think to take a photo of a shabby, cob web filled, badly painted room anyway?

You’ll have worked out that we don’t live in a swanky newbuild. Yes we live in a small poorly built 2 bedroomed council house, we have wonky walls and ceilings, our floorboards creak and our central heating isn’t the best but we’re grateful. Ever so grateful.

I wanted to make this bedroom extra special for the boys! We have 4 walls and a ceiling to work with (ok they weren’t the straightest but beggars can’t be choosers) I was pregnant with Junior too at this point so I knew I could go all out with the blues.

I can remember spending Rio’s nap time searching the internet endlessly for ideas and themes until I FINALLY came to the decision that the room would be completely nautical from top to bottom. I’ve never been a huge fan of the whole sailor-ship and anchor type thing but I suppose I’m thinking back to when I didn’t have 2 little boys so why would? I was SO excited to head to B & Q and get together the bits and bobs!

So, I’m about to bombard you with tons of photos and brief descriptions of my favourite room in the house, please be kind! I managed to get this whole thing done whilst being 7 months pregnant, I didn’t do too bad considering the circumstances I guess!

The bed

For the time being Junior is still co-sleeping with me and daddy so for a while it’s just Rio’s bedroom. In a couple of months or so when Juniors old enough to move in he will be sleeping in this cot and Rio will move to a toddler bed!

Ahh look at this beautiful Cot Spiral! This HAS to be one of my favourite items in the bedroom! Although it doesn’t exactly fit with the whole nautical side of things I just couldn’t not keep it in here. I bought this from Mother Care if I remember correctly and I imagine I’ll probably keep it for the rest of my life. Sad I know.

The prints

The sweetest personalised prints ever! I can remember first ordering the prints and had never been so eager to receive something through the post in my life. Surely the post man must have perceived I had serous issues when he saw me glaring outta my kitchen window at him every morning at 11am, he couldn’t have missed the look of disappointment on my face either as he shuffled straight past.

‘dream big little ones’

Again.. more prints wahooo! My intention was to make the room as unique as possible, I wanted to include their name’s as well the theme.. so this is what I came up with! I bought 5 prints all together from a small shop on Instagram, I’ll try to find the handle so I can attach it to the bottom of this post. Brilliant service! For the bunting underneath the shelves I literally just cut up a full length bunting into three parts, I stuck 2 underneath here and the other piece underneath the windowsill.

These are just a few nautical bits which I picked up from B&M, I just couldn’t resist!


These are where our beautiful boys clothes are kept. I am totally aware that they are two completely different sets, they were bought at different times and despite looking both online and in stores we couldn’t manage to find the same set anywhere!

Going back to the whole ‘wanting it to be unique’ business, I decide to create these! Freestanding letters each representing the boys name’s. I love love love getting creative so I really enjoyed making them!

‘let your dreams set sail’

Despite this being a baby changing stand its new to the bedroom! This is where we hide all the shite keep some of the boys never ending pile of toys and bed time books. Now and then the boys will come up here to play for an hour or 2 whilst I’m changing the bedding or putting the clean clothes away so it makes sense to have a few bits in here!

There you have it! The boys nursery bedroom. There are still quite a few bits that I’d like to include such as a fluffy white rug and nautical light shade but I’ll all come in good time! I’m already super giddy and thinking about the decor ideas for BOTH of their rooms when we get our own house! Eeeek.

Lots of love,



What theme did you decide to go for when you decorated your little one’s nursery/bedroom? 


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