A Letter To You On Your 2nd Birthday

To our baby boy Rio,

Ok I’m crying.

I’ve barely started writing and I’m already weeping an ocean over here.

If you’re reading this it means you’re old enough to understand. It means you’ve started high school and it means you can read and write.

Woah that makes me feel sick!

I mean.. the thought of you, my blonde haired blue eyed cheeky little monkey, being able to actually read and understand what I’m writing to you all seems bizarre.

You’ve only just figured out how to count to 10.

I’ll apologise if I seem to start rambling or talking nonsense, it’s kinda difficult remembering what you were saying when you’re wiping tear drops from from your keyboard every second.

Today my darling, you turned 2.

Wow oh wow what a stunning 2 years its been kiddo.

You’ve made me and Daddy SO proud, from the way you pronounce the colour black “ckkkkkkk” to the way you wipe your nose on the tiniest piece of tissue you can find, we are totally and utterly besotted.

You’ve learnt how to walk, you’ve mastered the difference between colours, you can count to ten, you clean up after yourself when you’ve spilt SPAT water all over your toys, you take care of your baby brother and you’re just hands down the most gentle little soul, god we love every inch of you.

To say you’re still such a little guy you don’t half bloody manage to make a grown woman howl till her cheeks physically hurt. Not a day goes by where you don’t make me hold my belly with laughter and most of the time you’re completely oblivious to it.

We love everything about you.

Where are we right now?

At this very moment in time we’re all living in a cramped 2 bed-roomed council house. Me, you, your dad and your baby brother Junior. We’re beyond grateful to be all here, together, happy and healthy with a roof over our heads but believe me we’ve got enormous plans for you both!

I hope you’re reading this with a hefty grin on your face, I hope we’ve made you as proud as you’ve made us. SO much blood sweat and tears have been put in for you to be sat in the very house you’re sat in now, to have our dream car outside on that drive and to have all of the lovely things you have surrounding you! None of this has been a painless ride but we made a promise, not only to ourselves but to you and your brother too. (God only knows if we’ll have had more children by the time you’ve read this). Our only aim was to make our boys proud.

Everything we did/ (are currently doing) We did it all for you.

This is just the beginning for us, it’s 2018. We’ve a lengthy road ahead.

A whole 2 years

It’s surreal. How sudden time passes when you become a parent, how are you a whole two years old? It’s not real! I don’t want to believe it.

You’re the most kind hearted, bubbliest gentle little soul I know and sweetheart… you’re gonna make a GRAND husband one day! You help mama with the washing machine, you take care of the rubbish and you put your toys away after yourself  (sometimes) whoever she/he is they’re gonna be one hell of a lucky individual!

The way you give me a kiss goodnight is the most beautiful thing in the world, the way you cling to me when you see somebody you don’t recognise, the way you giggle as daddy chases you around the house, the way you shriek at Nanna and Grandad when you want them to carry you outside to see the cars, the way you’re completely and utterly fearless and dive head first from the sofa before laughing uncontrollably , you’re just perfect.

Your baby brother adores you too!

Even though none of you can speak properly yet, I’m almost certain that you have some sort of peculiar communication going on that we don’t know about! You’re the best of friends and it’s just magical to watch. You’ll kiss him better if you accidentally bump into him, you’ll always share your most cherished toy cars with him and you’ll always make sure he’s never ever left without his dummy and blanket. You’re best friends.

I could write endlessy..

…but I Imagine you’re getting pretty fed up of reading my soppy words about you, yano now you’re a teenager *wipes tears*

Anyway sweetheart, whatever you have planned for today I hope you make THE BEST memories and laugh until your cheeks fall off! I’m sure it’ll be great when you have a mum and dad as cool as yours! Gosh I really am starting to sound old (please remember that I am only 20 as I’m writing this haha!)

Today you turned 2,

We love you so much our precious boy.

Lots of love,

Mummy & Daddy x


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