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Hello folks, happy Saturday! First of all I’d just like to say a massive thank you to every single one of you that DM’d me with so many lovely questions to answer over here. There were far too many to answer individually so I kinda just merged the most popular into 10! Here go’s…

How did you and Jordan meet?

Well.. have you ever visited a supermarket late at night and towards the back of the car park spotted a group of cars parked up beside each playing extremely loud music? Yeah.. that was us and that’s how we met. Romantic I know..

When I first clapped eyes on him I NEVER would’ve thought that 3 years on we’d have 2 beautiful children together and working hard to save for a mortgage. Life is fantastic.

How do you plan on taking Rio’s dummy away now he’s 2?

To be honest he’s doing  absolutely marvellous at the moment! When he wakes up before we leave his bedroom, he’ll be asked to throw his dummy into his cot and 99.9% of the time this’ll be done with no hassle or drama!

The next step will be taken in a month or two. My plan is to take the dummy away at nap times too and then slowly introduce the dummy free nights. I’m gonna continue to go at a pace that Rio feels comfortable with because this is such a humongous step for him.

How did you find out you was pregnant with both boys?

I just kinda put 2 and 2 together on both occasions. I was delayed on my lady cycle and I kinda just felt pregnant if ya like. With Rio, even though I’d never been pregnant before I just knew! It’s one of those things where I cant find the correct words to explain. I decided to stop putting it off and go for a test.. those two tiny pink lines confirmed it!

What made you start a blog?

Occasionally as a mum I feel like I loose myself a little. I’m known as ‘Rio and Juniors mum’  and often fail to remember that I am my own person too. My days are filled with tantrums, cleaning and never ending turd filled nappies. Wingingmamahood is a place for me to come, wind down, and let my potty mouth run wild. Its my own little space where I get to say whatever the hell I like and it feels bloody brilliant.

How did you tell Jordan you was pregnant and what was his reaction?

When I found out about Rio I rang him whilst he was at work because I just couldn’t keep it from him for a second longer, he was so excited! By the time he got home he had already told half the bloody world, he was bursting bless him!

With Junior I woke him up by saying ‘Jordan? I think I’m pregnant’ (the second line on the pregnancy test was only just visible) Obviously Rio was still only 10 months old at this point but we were both still SO SO SO excited!

Would you like any more children? If so how many?

At this moment in time NO! I could not think of anything worse than carrying, giving birth and breastfeeding allllll over again. I need some time to have MY body to MY SELF for a little while before homing another little human.

Jordan says he doesn’t really want any more (secretly he does). Our main focus at the moment is to enjoy our boys for a few years, get a mortgage, buy a bigger car, throw a couple of holidays in the mix and then mayyyyybe think about popping another muffin in the oven. We’ll see.

How does having children affect your relationship?

Its one heck of a challenge and a hell of a lot of added pressure especially in those first few months when you’re only just adjusting. Say goodbye to spontaneous days out just the two of you, say goodbye to having your bed to yourselves, say goodbye to sleep, and say goodbye to late movie nights. Until you have a solid routine in place, things can get a little frustrating. Stick through it, support and pick each other up.

When are you going back to work?

At the moment my boys need me at home. As well as being a full time mum I’m a part time blogger working extremely hard to bring in a little extra income for our family. My dream is to one day become so successful within the blogging industry to the point where I can support my family comfortably. Its hard work trying to juggle everything but I’m making it happen.

If you had any more babies what would you name them?

Girls names I love; Sky, Evie,

Boys names I love; Noah, Logan

What is the most rewarding thing about being a parent?

The cuddles, the kisses goodnight, the belly laughs, the smiles, the bursts of love, the comfort, the adventures, the little happy faces. Gosh I could write endlessly! Every last thing about parenting is rewarding, YES even the tantrums! I mean.. just look at those scrumptious little faces…

Lots of love,

Jo X

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