Every Parent Has Bad Days

Today as a parent, it was a bad day.

The kids have finally dozed off to sleep.. only 2 hours past their bedtime.

I suppose I’ts bound to be sluggish when you’ve been up since 5am with a shit exploding baby and a leg hugging clingy toddler.

Any ‘normal’  parent (whatever that is) would’ve dived for the wine by now but me being me I’m gonna have a natter on here first because I believe its important for all  parents to know… Every Parent Does Have Bad Days (believe me my wine will come later)

You’re screamed up extremely early, the weathers miserable- you’re miserable, the kids are groggy, the baby tv is driving you up the wall and all you wanna do is have a cosy bath, a hot cup of tea and binge on strawberry’s with choccy sauce. Good grief.

There’s that little added pressure when you’re the only parent/adult at home, its beyond challenging. There’s only ONE of you yet 37 needs have to be met, 3 meals need to be made, 5679 loads of washing needs to be done, spew stains need to be scrubbed, every last item needs disinfecting, snacks need to be prepared, clothes need to be put away, toy corners need organising, groceries need to be bought, hoovering needs to be completed, the kids need bathing, Mr. Tumble needs to shut the front door and I need a chuffing lie down.

If you’re sat there thinking ‘hmm sounds easy enough’ first of all behave youself..second of all imagine doing all of the above with 1 single hand (the other placed underneath the bum of a baby who will not in any way agree to you putting them down) oh also you have a toddler running around doing EVERYTHING you ask them ever so kindly not to.

Now I’m sat here and I want to cry. I’m looking at their sweet little sleeping faces and I’m realising that EVERYONE has a shit day now and then. You need them! They don’t happen often enough for you not to appreciate them. One day you’ll be sat here by yourself, the house will be quiet, the work will be done and all you’ll be left to think about is how you wish you could go back to this very day.

Turn every negative you see now into a positive,


You’ve got this mama,

Lots of love,

Joanne X


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