Newborn Essentials

When it comes to preparing for a newborn baby and their essentials..are you EVER really prepared?

The answer to that is a hefty fat NO. Nothing prepares you for the crucial role of being a parent, you’ve just kinda gotta wing it.. hence the name of this whole website. There are SO many items on that never ending list of ‘must haves’ so I thought I’d be the pleasant human I am and make it a little smoother, simpler and smaller for you!

I’ll also voice which items I found were the most practical to me and the items which perhaps I didn’t necessarily need ( I could’ve saved myself a few squid to say the least )



If you choose to bottle feed your newborn then a steriliser is a MUST. A steriliser is used to kill off any harmful germs that could be clinging to the surface of the baby’s bottles YACK. You will 100% get good use out of one of those bad boys as it is recommended that we sterilise bottles until the baby is at least 12 months old.

Breast pump

Personally I didn’t find much use for my breast pump. My milk came in again far too quick so it generated more pain and hassle than it was worth however a breast pump can also be a women’s absolute saviour! For 1, you’re offered the opportunity to give yourself (and your bleeding nips) that break you well ‘n’ truly deserve and for 2, it gives the daddy and other relatives the chance to give the baby some milk.


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Obvious one. Even if you have your heart set on breastfeeding with absolutely zero inclines about expressing or having a break, it is SO important that you have at least 2 stored away.. it’s better to be safe!

Read about my breastfeeding journey  here- Our breastfeeding journey 5 months on..



These aren’t essential for everyone but blooming eck they certainly were for me! My children Breastfed not only for milk but for comfort too which meant that they were attached to my boob 99.9% of the time. Of course you can imagine this being painful/draining and bloody frustrating at times. A dummy was the only thing that gave my poor pair a rest. I was so so relieved when they finally agreed to taking one!

bouncer/ play mat

NEED NEED NEED! Perfect for when you’re craving a 10 minute break with no babies sprawled out across you. Hunt for one that vibrates too, they’ll love it!

muslin squares

I never even knew that these things existed until I became a mum but good lord they’re amazing! Dribble? Sick? Milk? grab a bloody muslin square! Especially handy for the first 3 months.


Your child will become Ill when you’re least expecting it. It’s always sensible to keep an eye on their temperature. If you’re anything like me (I’d loose my head if it wasn’t screwed on) then its a fabulous idea to buy a few spares!


Image result for babies bath shampoos

newborn towels

These aren’t absolutely essential for the reason that you can just wrap the baby in one of your towels right? But oh my god how can you even resist buying at least 1 hooded baby towel? They’re TOO cute!

sponges/shampoo/baby wash

STOCK UP STOCK UP STOCK UP. You’ll never not need the 3 item listed above.

These are the kind of gifts you’re likely to receive at a baby shower so if you haven’t already had one arranged then get cracking on with that! The more items you have checked off that list the better!


Image result for moses basket

Moses basket/cot including mattress)

This is way up their at the high end of that essential list. Your wee human needs somewhere to snooze right? It is recommended that the baby sleeps in a moses basket (with their feet touching the bottom.)

I didn’t really find much use for mine on both occasions due to me choosing to co-sleep. I did attempt to get the boys settled in one the first week or so but everything came more naturally to us with the co-sleeping side of things so we simply just stuck with that.

Blankets and sheets

Every baby and toddler finds some sort of warmth and comfort from a snuggly blanket or 2 (ensure that they’re super soft!) As for sheets I’d say you’ll need 2/3 maximum.



BABYGROWS BABYGROWS BABYGROWS! Yes its all wonderful spending £20 on a stunning outfit but girl.. give it half an hour and it’ll be covered in dribble, puke and luminous yellow turd. Glam right?

Not only are the babygrows much snugglier for the newborn but they’re less hassle and super quick to slip on and off.

My advice is to buy plenty of 0-3, 3-6, 6-9 and 9-12 months too! Take the added pressure off wherever you can, you’re gonna be super busy these first few months!


Obviously you’ll need the most important items too such as a pushchair, a truck load of nappies and a car seat! I think I just kinda put a lot of faith to in my readers. You’re clever eggs I knew you’d work it out!

REMEMBER; Every parent is different. There quite possibly could be things on this list that I didn’t find a lot use for but could be your absolute saviour!

I hope you have the most painless birth in the world and I’ll look forward to seeing the squishy newborn pics!

All of my love,

Joanne X


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