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Everyone knows how much I love taking photos of the boys right? I could bet 3 quavers (you’re right I could’ve chosen a much more ambitious item to throw on the line however they’re currently the only ones I have surrounding me on the floor) that I have my camera in their squishy little faces 99.9% of  the time. They love it are used to it, it’s all they’ve ever known.

The thought of them getting to an age one day where I completely forget the shape of their button noses or their chubby cheeks when they were 3 months old makes my heart cry.


So, with my importance to photo’s of my children way out there (I’m sure you’ve already realised) I thought I’d share with you beauties my new little wall canvas.

Who follows me on instagram ?

If you do.. you’ll be well aware of  every last thing that goes on my life the professional photoshoot the boys had done just before Rio’s birthday. How adorable did they turn out? *inserts 10 heart eyed emojis*

This WILL sound sad as hell but I can’t even bring myself to look at them again because my eyes will instantly start to leak. I swear I didn’t always used to be this much of a soppy bugger, I dont have the foggiest what happened.

ANYWAY lets cut to the chase because I can feel myself rambling like I do.

I wanted to get a photo printed out of both boys on to a canvas. I’ve always been so incredibly nervous to get photos blown up because the end result can often look well..not so great. The quality of the image can be shattered. It can be cropped in the wrong place or you could generally just be unsatisfied with what you’ve just received.

I hear you! ‘Go to a proper shop then you banana face instead of ordering online’

Mate.. who has time for that? That’d mean I’d have to drag the kids and all of their essentials on to 2 bus journeys. I’d then have to dance around the shop entertaining Junior whilst stopping Rio from wrapping photo frames around the neck of the lady having her passport photo taken. Not to mention the lack of concentration on my part when trying to explain exactly what I wanted. No thank you. Waiting until 11am naptime was definitely the safe option.


Can I just say the staff at canvas champ are ever so friendly! I found exactly what I was looking for on their website within a minute. The website is very well made and the range of different photo products is insane.

Here is a tiny list of just a few products you’re able to purchase.

  • Canvas/ metal / wood prints
  • Engraved plaques
  • Photo cushions/mugs/ cushions/ calenders
  • Speciality prints

The list goes on and on and on..

While you’re here have a quick peak at  you will not believe how cheap this place actually is.. as you can see from the photo below their quality is absolutely insane too! Winner winner chicken dinner

I mean..look. Look at the two sweet lil faces I get to stare straight into each time I take a trip down the steps (quite literally if I’m not concentrating). I can not explain how happy I am with canvas champ. Not only with their service but with their absolutely amazing quality. When I first clapped eyes on the price of the products my initial thought was ‘Hmm surely I can’t expect too much from them’ BUT GOOD LORD DID THEY PROVE ME WRONG?! (They have deals on at the moment too *winks*!)

When ordering from CanvasChamp I received a confirmation Email and I also received a text ensuring I knew EXACTLY which day my order would be getting delivered. This is always a bonus for me. I’m just a perfectionist and need to know exactly what, when an how its being delivered. Tut.

Not only did the brand provide the best quality but they also ensured that my print was well protected by using a extremely thick cardboard outing. I could not fault there service one little  bit.

The second I opened it (with the little help of my eager toddler) I burst into streams of tears. It was just perfect and I feel like I definitely need to give Canvas Champ the credit that they well and truly deserve. A company like there’s never really get the recognition and gratefulness that they deserve. They are bringing our precious memories to life and hand on my heart, I would choose these instead of going to a photo shop any day of the week.

I can not recommend these guys enough.

Canvaschamp. Thank You from the bottom of my very full heart.

All my love,

Joanne X


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