Weaning Must Haves

It literally feels like yesterday since your wee one was consuming their first taste of milk right? So how on earth is it time to be looking at weaning equipment already!?

It’s bonkers how legitimate that saying ‘ Cherish every single second because before you know it they’ll be eating..crawling..walking..talking..’ . Obviously It’s aggravating as hell when you’re sleep deprived, craving a precious 3 minutes to yourself and now you have folk innocently stating that you should be ‘cherishing these moments’ to pop the cherry right on the cake.

Anyhow back to weaning. Weaning is the process in which your baby will begin to explore different foods, colours and textures. It’s a precious time for everyone and should most definitely be made fun. The first stage of weaning helps lay the foundations for healthy eating habits and teaches your baby how to eat from a spoon, swallow and eventually chew. Whichever method you decide to go for (baby led or spoon fed) the whole process will involve mess. ( A LOT OF IT! )

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This whole thing needs legions of preparation and I’m here to help! Again I’ve put together one of my helpful lists to make your life a hell of a lot easier. How kind am I? don’t mention it babe.

Sippy cup-

When your baby begins to eat solids Its important to offer them a small amount of water at each meal time. With age comes transitions and going from their comforting milk bottle to a sippy cup is one of them!  They’re super soft on little mouths too which is always a bonus.


Baby wings bibs-

RECOMMEND, RECOMMEND, RECOMMEND! You know when I said a few sentences back that weaning involved a lot of mess? Yeah well these will become your best mate! The baby wings baby bibs not only catch any food that misses the baby’s mouth in their deep and wide food catcher but they simply just wipe clean too. No mess no stress meal times. I’d be a bit of a turd if I didn’t leave the link for you. Seriously you can thank me later.



Baby spoons- 

Baby spoons are the one and only utensil to use during meal times, no knives or forks needed. Go for the smaller spoons to ensure its comfortably shaped for your baby’s mouth. The two most popular types are either metal with rubber tips or plastic!

Mess mat-

A mess mat is typically placed under a high chair to prevent the dreaded squashed strawberry blackberry or raspberry juice and whatever else that could ruin that beautiful carpet of yours.

Baby wings Mash ‘N’ stash pots- 

I cannot stress to you all enough about the importance of bulk cooking! It saves you time, it saves you energy and its just bloody fandabidozi. Mash ‘N’ stash Weaning Pots are perfect little containers for homemade cooking and freezing. The silicone tray allows you to conveniently store your baby food, snacks, smoothies or even breast milk! I’d dread to think what weaning would’ve been like without these bad boys. Definitely another firm favourite of mine.


Bumbo seat/high chair-

Your baby will need support as they’re eating especially at 6 months. With your baby unable to/unsteady with their sitting up at their tender age of 6 months its important that we provide as much comfort and stability as we possibly can. Using a bumbo seat particularly helps them to sit comfortably with their tray of food directly in front of them.

Most important of all .. patience

Things are gonna get tough. You’ll feel like you’re life plainly revolves around preparing, cooking, serving, glaring, cleaning, and then before you know it time for the next meal and REPEAT. Try not to worry, things get easier. Your baby will become less fussy, less messy (eventually) and you’ll become more relaxed! Weaning is a precious time for both of you, have fun with it!

IMG_7735Here’s to weaning!


All my love,

Joanne X 


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