Bakerdays Review

An actual cake that fits through the letterbox? GET OUT! surely not? Bakerdays how on earth do you do it?!

First of all what an absolutely  FANTASTIC idea. I mean.. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to cake sliding through the letterbox? Talk about happy post!

When  I was kindly offered one of bakerdays simply stunning cakes I snatched it with both hands! My mum’s birthday was coming up and I just knew seeing this would make her entire year.

What is Bakerdays?

Bakerdays specialises in personalised cookies, cakes and cupcakes. Whatever the occasion.. Bakerdays has got you covered! Christening? Engagement? Birthdays? Graduation? Thank-you? Congratulations? Get well? New home? New job? Retirement? ANYTHING! Your delicious dessert can also be personalised with any photo/name or special message.. how magical is that?

Like that isnt enough.. they also offer a great range of recipes, a next day delivery option AND matching gifts are available.

Bakerdays is the original home of letterbox cakes 

which cake did I choose?

Of course I had to go for something ‘nanna themed’. ANYONE who follows my social media will be well aware of how much my children absolutely adore the bones off their nanna and with her birthday just around the corner it was a no-brainer.

I basically just asked Bakerdays to make me something beautiful with a message that said ‘Happy birthday Nanna’. I was then asked which Ingredients I would like and what I would like the main flavour to be. I decided to play it safe and go for a plain chocolate sponge ( I know how much of a fussy bugger my mum can be ) Everyone likes chocolate right? I then stated when my mums birthday was so that could be the delivery day.

Receiving the cake

Every single morning without a doubt me and my mum will speak on Facetime. Now.. I didn’t realise at the time of ordering the cake that my mums birthday actually lands on a Sunday (silly old me) so when she rang me on Saturday morning I didn’t think too much of it.

When I answered I could see straight away that she was super giddy about something and before I even had the chance to move my lips to say a word she excitedly said ‘aww I got mi cake’ in her broad as hell Yorkshire accent before saying thankyou 26 trillion times to the kids.

It was so heartwarming to see her so happy! She had received a gift through the post from her grandbabies. It was so much more than just a cake, it was special.

‘I’ve never received a surprise gift through the post before’  

Bakerdays Appearance

The cake was SO beautifully presented. It came neatly tucked into a secure tin to essure it would survive the drop from the letterbox to the floor, very cleverly done.

I cannot fault the brand IN ANY WAY. I would recommend using these for an occasion and to be honest I wish I knew about them a lot sooner!

As you can see, the cake was so very well presented (almost too pretty to eat) I am so so pleased with the outcome of the cake and I most definitely will be ordering from you again very soon!

Thank-you for making my mums whole year! You’re fabulous.

All my love, Joanne X


Head over to Bakerdays and customise your sweet treat!


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