I know I know I haven’t written a blog in years (ok maybe a little dramatic Jo) but a minute clump of you will be delighted to know that i’m back and happier than ever.

Where did I go? I hear you demand.. *deep breath* let me fill you in.

So whoever follows my social media/reads the blog will be well aware of my battle with anxiety (here she goes again). If you’ve even been unfortunate enough to suffer with this shitty little thing you’ll understand me when I say I just needed…¬† a break. Not just from social media. I needed a break from everything. I managed to somehow convince myself that what I was doing wasn’t enough which led me into me writing up a CV sending off a few applications and finding myself a job all within the space of a couple of hours. Was this the best thing to do? No. Not at the time anyway. I did it for all the wrong reasons.

After having a cute little break away with my family (blog post coming soon), completely refreshing my mind and surrounding myself with beautiful folk I feel amazing and I have the complete¬† opposite outlook on working, Its the best thing for our family. We’re focusing solely on saving for our mortgage (how bloody exciting?!!?!?!), I’ll have the income to be able to start my driving lessons soon, my anxiety is easing up a HELL of a lot which I didn’t think i’d be lucky enough to say so soon and the boys are LOVING every single second they’re getting to spend with daddy/nanna whilst mummy is at work.

This mama is beaming.

So my advice to you is. If you manage to find yourself sitting comfortable in a little rut get yourself out of it! Do whatever it takes, go for a run, sit in the sunshine, make yourself a refreshing smoothie, plan a day out, anything! Do not be your own enemy and certainly don’t make the same mistake I did and convince yourself that what you’re doing is not enough.

You are more than enough. You’re strong. You’re brave. You’re fabulous.

Weather you’re a stay at home mum or a working mum we’re all in the same boat and we’re all ‘wingingmamahood’

Speak very soon poppets,

All My Love And More,

Joanne X


How do you deal with your anxiety? Give me a message lets chat!


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