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Happy Thursday folks I hope you’re all well!

Someone tell me its not just me that is secretly relieved that the weather is finally starting to cool down! Fingers crossed I’ll be able to snuggle up under the quilt in bed with a hot choccy very soon!

Anyhow.. on to today’s blog.. CHRISTMAS!

If you’re as organised as I am (sometimes) you’ll already have the halloween costumers sorted, have next years easter eggs ready and be well on your way to planning Christmas 2035,  Have you bought any gifts yet? Nope, neither have I BUT I want to share something very exciting with you which I’ve recently come across.

The website   Is FULL of great deals  (DUHH, the web name says it all Joanne *eyerolls*) from huge comapnies including Amazon, Argos, Tesco, Ebay, Boots, John Lewis and more. Im still yet to make an order from these guys but I can assure you my basket is FULL to the blooming brim!

Wanna know what I’ve got? of bloody course you do!

  1. A 55 PIECE YANKEE CANDLE SET- the price for the whole lot is just £18.69!!! (Original price £50.82) im pretty impressed with that considering a large Yankee alone cost £20+ bargain!
  2. AN ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH FOR KIDS- Rio absolutely loves brushing his teeth (weirdo) don’t worry guys im not buying him a toothbrush for christmas im genuinely just waiting a few more months until he gets used to the idea of an electric one! This was orgionally £25.99 and has been reduced all the way down to just £8.50
  3. A sim only deal which includes 2.5GB, 2000 minutes and a 30 day rolling contract ALL again for just £7.50
  4. A windows 14″ Ultra thin laptop.. You’ll never guess the reduced price for this one.. are you ready? From a whopping £599.99 this beauty now only costs £149. I Im lost for words.
  5. A silentnight quilted mattress protector- Even though Junior sleeps in his own room 67.3% of the time the odd night we are still co-sleeping. This of course includes dribble (a lake full of the stuff) puke, wee and whatever other bodily fluids you can imagine an 8 month old lil monster creating so yeah.. this is a must. Down from £29.25 to £13.95!!

I know I know.. You wanted to know what I was buying for christmas.. christmas can wait right? Yankee candles and treats for the boys come first!

So yeahh.. I couldn’t not hop on here and let you in on this website! When you spot a deal that tickles your fancy simply tap on it and you’ll be redirected STRAIGHT over to the original site.

How have I only just discovered this!?!?

Happy shopping beuties!

Until next time..

all my love,

Joanne X


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